Whitney Stretch Bracelet Set

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Mixed Colours

IMPORTANT: We have one set of Multi-Coloured in stock right now. Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver are on order and will be here in a few weeks. 

Looking for an easy way to accessorise without having to curse over clasps that aren't designed to be done up one-handed? Add a set of Whitney Stretch Bracelets to your wardrobe, and your struggles are over! Slip on, slip off, and one size fits (almost) all!  Plus, they're gorgeous!  

Product Details
Metal(s):  Beads are made of CCB acrylic and charms are made from zinc alloy on the inside for strength and durability. Both are triple-plated with 18 karat yellow gold, rose gold or silver, to ensure that they keep looking good for as long as possible.
Stone(s): The treble clef charm features approximately 57 round-cut Swarovski Elements crystals, ranging in size from 1mm diameter to 3mm diameter. The Single Quaver and Double Quaver charms do not have any crystals. 
Size: When laid flat on a table, each bracelet measures 6cm across the widest points. However, they are strung on elastic cord that allows them to be stretched to fit most wrists comfortably. I recommend them for wrists up to about 18cm around. If your wrist is larger, the bracelet should still fit but you may notice odd spacing of the beads while you're wearing it. 
Charm Size: The Treble Clef measures 28mm tall x 13mm across the widest point. The Double Quaver measures 25mm tall x 10.5mm across the widest point. The Single Quaver measures 25mm tall x 11.5mm across the widest point.
Clasp: None.
Gift Box: Included.
Silver Care Guide

This item contains genuine silver, which means that it requires special care to keep it looking its best. Silver is a beautiful but highly reactive metal, and will tarnish rapidly in certain conditions. 

Tarnish is a chemical reaction that occurs when the chemical element silver (Ag) reacts with hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and oxygen (O2) to form silver sulfide (H2S). When that happens, you will see a dark skin appear on the surface of your jewellery, which dulls the beautiful silver shine. 

The good news is, you can slow the reaction with proper care, or remove the skin of silver sulfide to restore it's shine. Luckily, the rules of silver care are simple and finite! Let's run through them so you can help you keep your silver jewellery looking its best. 

The Rules Of Silver Care


Basically, any time silver is exposed to normal air, tarnish is gonna happen a little because that's just what it does. Store your silver jewellery in air-tight conditions when you're not wearing it. A simple ziplock baggie can do the trick. Just make sure you squeeze out the air before you close it. 


The residue on human skin will accelerate the chemical reaction that causes tarnish. Obviously, it's kinda pointless to not wear your jewellery, so the best thing you can do is to simply give your jewellery a wipe down to remove any residue when you take it off, before you put it away. 


Exposing silver to water and/or human sweat will cause extreme acceleration of the chemical reaction that causes tarnish. Take your silver jewellery off before you bathe or swim, if you're exercising, or if it's just a super hot day and you're likely to be sweating a lot.

If your jewellery does get wet or sweaty, wipe it down thoroughly with a soft, damp cloth and then it dry with another cloth, to remove as much water/sweat as possible. 


Yes, seriously. Silver is a fickle beast and it loves to react with anything it can get its little atoms on. The simple way around this is to apply any cosmetics, lotions, and sprays you're planning to wear and let them dry thoroughly before you put your jewellery on. And of course, clean your jewellery when you take it off.


I know I've said this a few times now, but cleaning your silver regularly really is the best way to keep tarnish at bay. Storing it in an airtight baggie isn't going to help if there's already a reactant chemical on the surface from when you last wore it. I clean mine after every time I touch it. 

Other Ways To Stop Tarnish

The good news is, there are tools available to help you limit the spread of tarnish in the first place, and to help you remove any tarnish that has built up. 

  1. If you've purchased an item from us that contains genuine silver, then you're going to receive a little introductory pack that contains a cleaning cloth treated with an anti-tarnish formula, and a baggie with a small anti-tarnish square inside it. The easiest way to keep your new jewellery looking mint is to wipe it down with the cloth after every wear, and store it in the baggie. Sweet!

  2. Looking for something bigger to treat all your jewellery with, or to clean up a piece that's already tarnished? Try an E'arrs Buff & Polish Cloth. They're like the big sisters of our little free cloths, and they do a great job cleaning and preserving silver surfaces. We have them available for purchase in store right now. 

  3. Paint your jewellery with clear nail polish or E'arrs L'Protect Jewellery Shield. This not only protects you from any of the allergens in the metal (such as the copper used to make silver harder), but also provides a layer of protection between your silver and the chemicals that can cause it to tarnish. You'll need to replace it regularly, but it's a great way to protect both you from your jewellery, and your jewellery from you!

  4. Reducing the humidity in your bedroom, or more specifically in the box where you store your silver jewellery can slow down the inevitable creep of tarnish. You know those silica packs that come in everything these days? Instead of throwing them out, toss them in your jewellery box instead! They absorb moisture, so they'll help keep the area dry and safe for your silver. Plus, you're recycling. Double-score! Alternately, you can keep a stick of plain white chalk in there for a similar effect.

  5. They're a little hard to find in New Zealand at the moment, but you can purchase anti-tarnish tabs or strips that you insert into the bag with your silver items. They're made from a specific elemental cocktail that literally neutralises the chemical reaction that causes tarnish for up to a year. We're looking at stocking them soon, but in the meantime you may be able to find them at your local jewellery store, or on Amazon. Plus, you get a free one whenever you purchase a genuine silver item from us. Yay! Freebies! 

Want to bookmark this guide? No problem-o! Just click here to open it in a new tab, and you're good to go!  


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