About Our Packaging Materials

Here at Cheeky Kea, we love our planet and we're always doing out best to try and keep things as green as possible. We use R3Pack's Eco-Friendly Compostable Courier Bags, and all of our packaging materials are either recyclable, biodegradable, or reused.

That's right - your jewellery may come wrapped in bubble wrap, but that bubble wrap was reused to stop it from going to a landfill.  It either came to us wrapped around one of our incoming shipments, or it was donated to us by a customer.

Do you have a bunch of old bubble wrap lying around, but you can't quite bring yourself to throw it out?  Shove it in a box and send it to us!  We'll make sure it gets put to good use.  Any size or colour is fine by us, so long as it's clean and in a good enough condition to be reused.

Please send any bubble wrap donations to:

Bubble Wrap @ Cheeky Kea
C/- Victoria & Glenys Dreyer
6 Hinenamu Grove
Turangi 3334

Have a bunch you want to send us but can't afford to post it?  No worries! You can always drop it off in person when you're passing by, or contact us and we'll pay for the courier ticket. Anything to keep our planet beautiful!