Teenytopia Vintage Vocations Earrings

Architect's Tools
Chef's Utensils
Dressmaker's Shears

The miniaturization trend is taking the fashion world by storm!  All over the planet, creative fashionistas are shrinking down just about anything you could imagine and stringing it from their lobes. Now is your chance to get in on the trend with a pair of Teenytopia Vintage Vocations Earrings! 

Product Details
Materials:  Zinc Alloy

Architect's Tools: Both charms are approximately 45mm long by 25mm wide by 3mm thick. Total length including the hook: 65mm - 80mm as they hang differently. 

Chef's Utensils: Both charms are 60mm long, 11mm wide, by 3.5mm thick. Total length including the hook: 82mm.

Dressmaker's Shears: The shear charm is 60mm long by 25mm wide by 2mm thick. Total length including the hook: 93mm. 

Finding: French Hook.

These are deliberately weathered to give them a vintage look, so be warned that they have an uneven surface colour. They're meant to look like that.  

WARNING: These earrings are pretty sharp, especially that compass. Please wear them with care!

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