The Symphony of You - Personalised Natal Chart, by Natal Gazer

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Truly understanding yourself - your strengths, your weaknesses, your joys and struggles - begins with knowing the factors that were in play at the moment of your birth. 

 Purchase a copy of The Symphony of You today, and receive a 180 page customised book containing a detailed natal chart written by qualified astrologer, G. M. Dreyer.  

No more struggling to interpret vague comments that could apply to anyone; The Symphony of You is written just for you, and covers every facet of your being.

Looking for quick answers from the stars about where to find love or how to get rich? Then this is not the book for you.

Want to gain a better understanding of your own nature so you can use those tools to build a brighter future for yourself?  Then you are in the right place.

Buy your copy today!

Important: Please make sure you have your date, time, and location of birth. Without exact information, your natal chart WILL NOT BE ACCURATE!

About The Book

A 180-page personalised natal chart, published in 6" x 9" format for easy readability, and available in your choice of either paperback or hardback.

About Shipping
Please allow 3-4 weeks for your chart to be written, and for your book to arrive at your doorstep.  It may potentially take longer than that due to delays in international shipping, so if you're considering this for a birthday present then we strongly recommend ordering as far in advance as you can!
About Natal Gazer
Natal Gazer was established in February 2020 by Glenys Dreyer, an astrologer qualified and trained trained in medieval and cosmobiological astrology. She is also a trustee of The Cheeky Kea Charitable Trust, and the mother of the owner of CK Swagworks. Love you, Mum!  You can read more about Natal Gazer on their website, here: What's A Reading? Need some help understanding your chart? Add on a one-hour fully personalised astrological reading with Glenys to guide you. Glenys will prepare your chart, and spend one hour talking you through the details of the unique symphony that is you. 
Readings take place online via video conference, so please ensure you have access to a steady internet connection at the time of your appointment. 
If you have also ordered a book, we recommend waiting until it arrives to schedule your reading, as you will get the most out of it then. 

Purchase a book and a reading at the same time, and save 50% off the cost of the reading!

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