Ring Sizing Tools


Do you love rings, but hate the risk of buying online when you're not quite sure what your size is?  Well, fret no more!  Our ring sizing tools are the perfect way to measure yourself up and get your exact size, even down to those annoying half-sizes!  

Already have a ring that fits you and want to know what size it is?  Use the Ring Sizer Mandrel (the stick thing) to measure your existing rings.  

Want to measure your fingers directly?  The Ring Size Gauge (the thing that looks like a keyring) is the tool for you. Just slip the loops over your finger until you find the one that fits most comfortably, and then check the numbers etched on the tab. Voila! That's your ring size!  

The Ring Size Gauge is available in different colours, but this is purely cosmetic. They're all the same except the colour.  

Product Details: 

The mandrel covers inside circumference measurements from 41mm to 61mm in 1mm increments. Printed sizes are: 

  • Side A:  US/Canadian Sizing & Hong Kong Sizing
  • Side B: Japanese Sizing & Inside Circumference (mm).

The gauge covers inside circumference measurements from 36.4mm to 70.1mm in in US half size/UK full size increments. Printed sizes are:   

  • Side A:  US/Canadian Sizing & UK/AU/NZ Sizing
  • Side B: Inside Circumference (mm) & Internal Diameter (mm)

IMPORTANT: Just like clothing sizes, ring sizes are NOT STANDARDISED. I strongly recommend using the measurements in mm, and checking that against the size chart of the brand you're thinking of purchasing. You can be different sizes in different brands.


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