Pretty Painter Reversible Sunhat


Protect yourself from the sun's scorching rays and the winter rains with the super stylish Pretty Painter Reversible Sunhat

One side is a lovely metallic solid colour, while the other features an artistic array of watercolour-themed prints. Every hat is a little bit different, no two are exactly the same. And you can switch them inside-out to wear them either way, depending on your mood and your outfit. Grab yours today!

Product Details
Band Size: Fits a 56-58cm head.
Sunhat Brim: 16cm
Fabric: Cotton & Polyester
Sun Protection: UPF50+ (UVA & UVB)

Collapsible - The brim is supported by a flexible wire inside the fabric, which allows it to be shaped as you see fit, or even folded flat to fit in your purse.

Weather-Proof - Made from specially-treated fabrics to keep both the sun and rain at bay! 

Washing: Hand wash only with warm water, weak alkaline detergent recommended, dry flat out of the sun, do not iron. 

Exact colours and patterns may vary from time to time depending on what the manufacturer has available and what's in fashion this season.


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