Naomi Asymmetrical Vine Earrings

Gold Toned
Silver Toned

Do you love unusual earrings?  Then the Naomi Asymmetrical Vine Earrings are the perfect addition to your wardrobe!  

Please note: There is quite a bit of variety in the actual length and structure of the earrings from piece to piece, but they're provided with open links so you can adjust the exact length and leaf combination yourself with nothing more than a pair of pliers and a few minutes of your time. A great way to make your cool new earrings totally unique!

Product Details
Metal: Gold-toned Zinc Alloy, Silver-toned Zinc Alloy
Long Earring: 4 chain strands varying in length from 14cm to 18cm, decorated with an average total of 4 double-leaf charms and 18 single leaf charms. 
Short Earring: 4 strands of chain varying in length from 5cm to 5cm, decorated with an average total of 3 double-leaf charms and 6 single leaf charms. 
Fastener Type: Post
Back Type: Silicone Bullet