Lucky Elephant Ring

Gold Toned
Rose Toned
Silver Toned

This adorable unisex ring has turned out to be a surprise favourite of mine, after a vendor sent me one by mistake. I took one look and had to go buy some for the shop, because it's just so cute! I love elephants! This ring is super sparkly, and makes me feel so lucky. I haven't won Lotto yet, but maybe I will! Obviously, I can't guarantee any luck, but it can't hurt to try, right? ;D

Product Details
Colours: Gold Toned, Rose Toned, Silver Toned
Metal: Copper
Stone: Cubic Zirconia
Band Thickness: 10mm
Note: Please allow a variation of approximately 1mm either side of the measurements listed above. If your finger size varies, I recommend getting a size up. It's always easier to wear a ring adjuster than it is to get a ring sized up!

There is some variation in the exact colours on the actual rings due to camera limitations.