Little Kitty Co. Cat Strap Harness - Luxurious Leopard (Limited Edition)


Looking for some fabulous fashion accessories for your furry friend?  Well, look no further! Little Kitty Co. offers range of colourful, high quality accessories for your cat, in a huge range of colours and styles. Luxurious Leopard is exactly what it sounds like: a classic leopard print pattern, perfect for your little wild cat. Available in collar, harness, and leash. Grab yours today!

CK Swagworks is privileged (and delighted!) to be one of the first retailers in New Zealand to stock this awesome Australian-made brand. All Little Kitty Co. designs are limited edition, so if you love something then grab it fast, because there's no guarantee we'll ever be able to get any more! 

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Product Details

The Little Kitty Co. Cat Strap Harness is designed for ease of wear and comfort, making this harness perfect to slip on and wear all day.

  • Designed for comfort and style
  • Light weight and low profile, for a less invasive feel
  • Adjustable neck and chest straps
  • Custom-printed polyester straps.
  • Little Kitty Co. branded buckles.
  • D-rings for attaching leash or restraint clip.
Strap Harness Sizing
Size Neck (cm) Chest (cm)
Kitten (XS)
14cm – 23cm 18cm – 29cm
Adult (S) 23cm – 32cm 25cm – 38cm


Vic's Tips

The strap harness is a great choice if your kitty is a bit of an escape artist - they aren't as pretty as the step-in harness, but they're much harder to slither out of. The low profile also makes it great for introducing cats to harness training, because they can groom and move more easily.

As with any harness, I strongly recommend taking the time to get your kitty used to the harness before you take her outside for the first time, because kitties are experts at getting out of positions they don't want to be in.

Let her wear it around the house for a bit to get used to it. Start with a few minutes a day, and gradually increase the time she spends in it as she gets more comfortable. Encourage your kitty to eat, play, and groom while wearing the harness, because that'll help her accept that it's not so scary after all. Harness training is a process, so don't rush her! Good things take time, right? 


Little Kitty Co. is a small business, and the patterns they create are made on a limited run basis. Every so often, they change designs and stop making the old patterns. 

Luxurious Leopard is an Limited Run Design, meaning that we may not be able to get any more once our current shipment runs out. 


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