Helios Hinged Bangle


These beautiful bracelets are hinged bangles and they are slightly oval in shape to make them better fit the average wrist. They also have three points of articulation instead of the usual two, which makes them quite unusual for this type of bangle. Plus, they're super cute and the price is so low! Who can say no to that awesome combo? :D

Product Details
Colours:  Cerulean, Rose, or Violet
Metal: Rose Gold Plated.
Stones: Artificial Crystal
Measurements: Internal Circumference: 170mm
Internal Diameter: 56mm x 45mm
Note: The gold used on these bangles is a little less vivid than it appears in the pictures, and the stones may look a little different depending on the brightness and contrast of your screen. The Cerulean stones are a very bright shade of turquoise, the Rose stones are a mixture of very hot pink and red, and the Violet are a dark, subtle blue-purple.