E'arrs Ring Size It Cushion Solution

Add both cushion and comfort to your favourite rings with E'arrs Ring Size It Cushion Solution! This clear Latex Silicone gel can be applied to the inside of the ring to make your loose rings fit and keep from sliding around the finger. This can also be used as padding for clip earrings to ease pinching or as a barrier to prevent metal to skin contact.

Not intended as a permanent fix, and not intended for use by children 12 years and under.

Purchase now and get a free stainless steel application tool to help you get even coverage on the inside of your ring without the fiddling! 

How To Use 

Clean and dry the inside surface of the ring using alcohol. This is very important to make sure Cushion Solution bonds to the ring surface. Apply a small amount of Cushion Solution to the bottom inside the band of the ring by gently squeezing the tube. Use the free application tool (or a toothpick in a pinch!) to smooth and shape. After applying, let cure overnight or a minimum of 12 hours and remove any excess before wearing. To remove, simply peel off. 

About The Packaging

E'arrs Ring Size It Cushion Solution is manufactured in the United States, and the impact of COVID-19 on international trade has increased the cost of shipping in and out of the USA significantly this year.  

In order to get this awesome product in your hands without too many extra costs, our tubes come without the retail packaging. They also have slightly different branding to the image shown, but E'arrs reassures me that the recipe is exactly the same - they just decided to change the name of the product to make it a little more succinct. The picture with the purple background shows the actual branding of the stock I have on hand. 


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