E'arrs L'Protect Jewellery Shield (Seconds)

IMPORTANT: These jars have damaged labels and/or sticky stuff on the outside that I was unable to remove! Hence why they're discounted. See the tab below if you want the full story, it's pretty funny. 

Do you have sensitive skin AND a love for costume jewellery? Have no fear, L’Protect is here! This clear protective coating for jewellery provides a protective shield between metal and skin. It can be applied to all metal surfaces that may come in contact with your skin like earrings, rings, clasps, snaps on jeans, etc. It even dries crystal clear and can be reapplied as needed.

To apply, simply paint on using the included brush like you would if you were applying nail polish, and wait at least 30 minutes before touching or repairing.

L'Protect is temporary and should be reapplied as needed. If you start to react, it's time to apply another coat. Or if you are extra sensitive, apply a couple to start with, just to be safe.

Not intended for children 12 years and under. 

Please note: this is the bottle only and doesn't come with the cardboard retail packaging anymore. L'Protect is manufactured in the United States, and the impact of COVID-19 on international trade has increased the cost of shipping in and out of the USA significantly this year. Buying them without the bulky retail packaging helps me to keep the costs down for you, the customer. :)

The Epic Tale Of The Great L'Protect Disaster of 2021

Oh, you wanna read the story? Really? Okay, cool! It was pretty hilarious, if you didn't have to clean it up!

So, when I was first starting to plan out the Ditch The Itch kits, I knew I wanted to include a bottle of L'Protect with the Ultimate edition, but at the time I only had L'Protect in the retail packaging, which are kinda chunky cardboard sleeves. The sleeves look great, but it makes shipping super expensive because they take up so much space. 

I had a chat with the wonderful folks at E'arrs, and they informed me that they'd be happy to sell me a batch without the retail packaging, though that option came with a much higher minimum. I was planning for 50 kits anyway, so I figure, "No problem!" L'Protect sells quite well anyway, so I'll just sell the extra bottles to my customers. Lower cost means I can drop the selling price, and everyone's happy.

Except, there was a problem. E'arrs are used to shipping their wholesale orders with the retail packaging, which comes with lots of nice soft cardboard to protect the bottles. They also mostly ship domestically within the United States, so I think they didn't quite realise how... uh... "vigorously" international parcels get handled sometimes!

Long story short, at some point between when the parcel left their warehouse and when the courier dropped it off at my doorstep, something terrible happened. We shall never know for sure exactly what it was, but it looked like someone had spiked the box onto the concrete with every ounce of their strength. It was mangled. I've had some damaged parcels in my time, but this one was a new level. The only one that even compares is the time that I had a shipment of hardback books arrive in a sack, but that's another story.

Thankfully, those little bottles are made of diamond-encrusted steel or something, and most of them survived. Out of the 144 bottles I bought, only about 5 or 6 had actually broken open. But... that was enough to create a small nightmare inside a cardboard box.  

Imagine, if you will, opening a box and discovering that it's not only full of shards of broken glass, but that glass has been glued together into a gigantic wad by a mass of sticky fluid that dries rock hard. It had been at least a week since The Disaster occured, and the spilled L'Protect was well and truly set. 

The next... oh... two hours or so were spent very carefully prying apart this horrifying katamari of broken glass, but when I was finished I managed to save most of the bottles without any damage. There were a few that I couldn't completely salvage, mostly the ones that I'd tried to pull out before I figured out the trick to getting them out without damaging them. Some of them have little lumps of dried L'Protect on the outside that I can't get off, or their labels are a bit damaged.

And those, my friend, are the bottles that I'm now offering to you at a discount. There's nothing wrong with the L'Protect itself, the bottle, or the application brush, they just have a little cosmetic damage on the outside. So, now's your chance to snag a deal! Enjoy!


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