Earring Backs Kit - Variety Pack

Do you make your own earrings? Have a habit of losing your earring backs?  Or are you just a bit of a fashion prepper, and want to make sure you have spares on hand just in case of situations where you're like... Whoops! There goes your butterfly down the drain right when you're about to run out the door? Well, you are in for a treat!  

These kits contain a delightful medley of different earring backs, so you've got something for every situation.  Each kit contains the following:

  • 100 x Bullet Backs (Gold)
  • 100 x Bullet Backs (Silver)
  • 20 x Bullet Clutches (Gold)
  • 20 x Bullet Clutches (Silver)
  • 100 x Butterfly Backs (Mixed Sizes, Gold)
  • 100 x Butterfly Backs (Mixed Sizes, Silver)
  • 100 x Silicone Bullet Backs
  • 100 x Silicone Flower Backs
  • 20 x Silicone Bullet Clutches
  • 30 x Silicone Padded Spacers

The metal backs fit a standard 20g post. The silicone backs should fit just about any standard size earring post or even a french hook, as they're quite stretchy and flexible. 

Includes a plastic tub to keep them tidy and free nationwide shipping. 

Please note: These quantities are approximate based on weight. There is a possibility for slightly more or less, though we always try to learn on the side of "more" wherever possible. 



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