Dominique Lace Fashion Corset

Size (Waist Measurement)

Need something fabulous to make your favourite dress pop, add that special touch on your wedding day, or just bring a touch of the gothic to any outfit? Look no further than the Dominique Lace Fashion Corset!

This beautiful underbust corset combines delicate lace with steel boning for the perfect combination of strength and style. Add her to your wardrobe today!


Product Details 
Materials:  Polyester & Spandex.
Control Level: Firm
Fastenings: Steel buckle in the front, lace in the back. 
Boning: 12 Steel Bones + 2 sculpted steel plates in the front.
Colour: Black, White.
Height: 29-30cm
Lace: Corset comes with a standard polyester ribbon lace pre-installed, and a bonus 5 meter PU leather lace in the packaging if you want to swap it out for something more robust.
About Sizing

There is no international standard when it comes to clothing sizes, and this is especially true with waist trainers.  Please check your measurements. 

This is a reasonably safe mid-level corset that should be suitable for someone who has mastered the Eve, or any of our entry-level shapers.  

If you have a medical condition that might be impacted by the use of a compression-based waist trainer, or have recently had a baby, I recommend consulting with your doctor first, just to be safe. 

Important Notes 
  1. DO NOT exercise while wearing a fashion corset. They're not designed for that, and you'll almost certainly damage it. 
  2. To get the best longevity out of your waist trainer, I strongly recommend wearing a tank top, singlet, or some other kind of top under the corset to protect it. Remember, human sweat is highly acidic, and acid isn't good for... well, anything, really.  Plus, waist trainers are pretty hard to wash, so you don't want to get it all stanky, right?
  3. I'm happy to return and exchange an item for one of another size, but it is entirely at your cost and you must return the original corset in as-new condition, with the packaging. 
  4. Bra, panties, and other clothing shown not included unless specified.
  5. Stock is limited, and I could run out of any size or colour at any time.




Please allow approximately 30 days for delivery. The usual time-frame is about two weeks, but sometimes things take longer than expected due to the nature of international shipping.

I assume responsibility for all shipping and import costs, and if you have any difficulty with the delivery or the goods themselves, then you come straight to me. I'm located right here in good ol' Aotearoa, and I'll take care of you. :)

If you need to return the product for whatever reason, you will only have to send it to my address in New Zealand, so don't worry about sending things overseas! I'll handle everything.