Diva Drape Skinny Statement Scarf

Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Metallic Rose Gold
Solid Black
Solid Fuchsia
Iridescent Oil Slick
Iridescent Sunrise
Iridescent Arctic Ice
Iridescent Mint Mojito

Bling it up from the office to the dance floor with the Diva Drape line!  All these products are made from an amazing light-weight aluminium "fabric" that looks and moves like cloth, but shines like metal.  So fabulous!

The Diva Drape Skinny Statement Scarf is a long, thin strip of that amazing fabric, which can be worn around your neck like a scarf, threaded through your belt loops, or twisted in just about any style you can possibly imagine. Get as creative as you like with it! Now available in your choice of NINE fabulous colours!

Product Details
Material:  3mm Aluminium Metal Sequin Mesh
Size: 160cm long x 4cm wide.
Packaging: I put these in a nice giftbox for you, unless you request otherwise.


Important Note About The Iridescent Blends:

The iridescent variants are hard to capture with photography alone, because they shine in a rainbow of different colours depending on how light hits them. 

  • Iridescent Oil Slick is a blend of dark, intense purples and greens with hints of blue and pink.
  • Iridescent Sunrise is a blend of dark pink, orange, and yellow, with a touch of red and purple from certain angles.
  • Iridescent Arctic Ice is a very pale pastel green blend, with gentle notes of purple and pink.
  • Iridescent Mint Mojito is a blend of light-to-mid green tones, with yellow and pink accents.

Check out the Diva Drape Fabric Sample video for a better example of how it looks in reality. You can see Oil Slick, Sunrise, and Mint Mojito from 0:51 onwards. 

Diva Drape Fabric Sample Video:



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