The Ditch The Itch Hypoallergenic Earring Kit


Are you sick of being unable to wear your favourite earrings because they give you a nasty rash?  Well, now there's a way for you to make any earrings low-allergy, using the Ditch The Itch Hypoallergenic Earring Kit!

This kit is custom designed and made by CK Swagworks based on years of research into different products on the market, and even includes a few pieces you can't get anywhere else. Grab yours today, and banish those nasty allergies to the past, where they belong!

The Ditch The Itch Hypoallergenic Earring Kit is available in two versions: Standard and Ultimate. Unfurl the tabs below to learn all about each kit and the tools it contains!

About The Standard Edition

The Ditch The Itch Hypoallergenic Earring Kit: Standard Edition contains the following:

  • 1 x Collectable Tin
  • 1 x Snippers
  • 30cm of CK Swagworks Size S Post Cover Tubing in a cute reusable organiser
  • 30cm of CK Swagworks Size M Post Cover Tubing in a cute reusable organiser
  • 30cm of CK Swagworks Size L Post Cover Tubing in a cute reusable organiser
  • 10 x CK Swagworks Lobe Protector Pads
  • 1 x 500 piece box of Silicone Bullet Backs
  • 1 x 100 piece box of Silicone Bullet Clutches
  • 1 x CK Swagworks Safe Keeping Post Cover 12 Piece Mini Kit
  • 1 x Beginner's Guide
About The Ultimate Edition

The Ditch The Itch Hypoallergenic Earring Kit: Ultimate Edition contains everything in the Standard Edition, plus a full-size jar of E'arrs L'Protect Jewellery Shield, valued at $19.99!  That's half price, when you buy kit!

About The Collectible Tins

I am obsessed with cute metal tins of all sizes, and I bet that if you aren't already, you soon will be! Whenever you purchase a CK Swagworks Kit, you better believe it's coming in an adorable little metal tin. 

The Ditch The Itch Hypoallergenic Earring Kit comes in a 12cm x 9cm x 4cm rectangular tin with a fully detachable lid. Designs are selected completely at random, and may change at any time depending on what's available, and what I'm loving at any given moment. I'm a fickle creature, so expect the designs to change regularly! 

About The CK Swagworks Post Cover Tubing


This is one of our cool new 100% custom products, designed and made by us, just for you! One of the things I realised while I was researching this product is that while there are pre-cut post covers available, they have a lot of restrictions. For one thing, they add quite a lot of girth to your earring post, which can be painful. They also only really fit one type of earring and aren't very flexible. 

So, I looked for inspiration in a very strange place. I looked... at condoms. Yes, those kind of condoms. Weird, but it kinda makes sense. You need something thin enough to protect your skin from the metal, but flexible enough to fit different types of earrings and different size posts.  Thus, the CK Swagworks post cover tubing was born. Uh... pun fully intended, I guess?

Anyway, our post cover tubing is a thin, soft, stretchy membrane that you slide over the post of your earring to add a skin of silicone between you and your earring post.  It's a little hard to get on, but once you've got the technique it's easy to add to all of your earrings, and then you can just leave it there indefinitely. 

Our post cover tubing comes in an uncut roll, so that you can use it on all kinds of earrings, whether you just need 10mm for a standard stud or a bit more for a french hook or a hoop. 

Your kit contains three 30cm lengths in different sizes, which are designed to fit as follows:

  • Size S is for 20-22g earring posts.
  • Size M is for 18-20g earring posts.
  • Size L is for 16-18g earring posts.

You want to get the tightest fit possible for maximum comfort, because the silicone gets thinner as it stretches. The thinner the silicone, the less added girth on your piercing, and the less discomfort you feel. So, start with Size S and work your way up. 

Most standard earrings are 18-20g, so you should have enough to do approximately 30 pairs of earrings. The Size L can also be used for some body piercings as well, which tend to be around 16g.  So... you've got heaps!  Yay!


About The CK Swagworks Lobe Protector Pads

The CK Swagworks Lobe Protector Pads are another one of my inventions. While I was brainstorming for the tubing, I found myself thinking, "Well, what about those really big earrings that sit right up against your lobe? It's not just the post that can cause allergic reactions, it's contact with the skin."

So, I came up with Lobe Protector Pads, for those earrings that have a metal back that rests directly on your lobe, so that you can keep them from causing an allergic reaction on the front of your earlobe. Lobe Protector on the front, tubing on the shaft of the earring, and a silicone earring back on the rear and you're fully protected!

About The Safe Keeping Post Cover Mini Kit

The Safe Keeping Post Cover Mini Kit is another one of our custom products, which came about while I was researching for the main kit.  These cute little kits include 12 standard post covers packed up in a little kit that I made and designed, so that you'll never misplace your post covers again. 

Please note, these are standard post covers, so they are not stretchy at all. They will only fit a standard 20g earring post, or one of the petite 22g posts, and they will add a bit of extra girth to your piercing. According to my measurements, they will stretch your piercing up to about 1.2mm (16g).

But, they are easy to add and remove, so they're handy to have around in case you need 'em! 


About The Silicone Bullet Backs & Bullet Clutches

These babies are pretty self-explanatory. You've got lots of silicone earring backs, so you'll never run short again.  You've got two different kinds in your kit. Silicone Bullet Backs are the normal little round kind that are perfect for all kinds of stud earrings, while Silicone Bullet Backs are the kind that have a soft ring to help distribute the weight of your earring more evenly across your lobe. I recommend bullet clutches for larger earrings, because they can help you keep your piercing from stretching out if you wear a lot of big earrings. 

Silicone Bullet Backs:

Silicone Bullet Clutches:

About The Tube Organisers 

In the first batch of kits, your Post Cover Tubing will come wound around a cute little cable organiser that looks like a button. It's not glued in or anything, so feel free to take the tube out and use the cable organiser for other things, if you like.

Please note that the exact colour of the cable organisers varies from batch to batch. Most have a pink, blue, and purple, but some have a pink, blue, and green instead. If you have your heart absolutely set on a specific colour, please let me know and I'll do my best to make sure you get it. Otherwise, colours will be sent at random. 

About E'arrs L'Protect Jewellery Shield

E'arrs L'Protect Jewellery Shield is the ultimate in temporary solutions. It comes with a built-in brush just like a jar of nail polish and is just as easy to apply, but it's formulated specifically to last longer on metal surfaces. If you've ever used the clear nail polish trick to protect yourself from costume jewellery in the past, it works exactly the same, just lasts a little longer. 

E'arrs L'Protect Jewellery Shield retails for $19.99 in our store, so if you choose to upgrade from the Standard Edition Kit to the Ultimate Edition, that means you're getting a 50% discount on your L'Protect! Score!





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