Diamond Embossed Jewellery Gift Box


Presentation is everything! If you're looking for a nice way to present a gift to a friend or loved one, then look no further than one of our lovely Diamond Embossed Jewellery Gift Boxes. Available in an assortment of different sizes!

Please note that there is a limit on the number of boxes each customer can buy due to the fact that these boxes are also used for our own orders. If you need large quantities than the site will allow, or wholesale quantities for a small business, please see the tab below.

Sorry, we do not stock the medium-sized square box in the pictures (the 7x7x3cm), as my supplier has stopped selling it. 


Product Details
Materials: The base frame of the box is made from strong white kraft paperboard, with a layer of decoratively-embossed black kraft paper glued to the outside. 
Foam Insert:

A black velvet flocked foam insert is included with each gift box. They're pre-cut to match the most common usage of each gift box size, but there is a little variation on the exact style from batch to batch. 

The inserts are usually on 15mm black foam backing (like the kind shown in the picture of the long thin box), but occasionally I may get 10mm white foam (like the picture of the 5x8 box). I don't have any control over what comes with the boxes, but I'm happy to check for you if you have your heart set on a particular style.

I also have some white inserts available for the 7x9 gift box, which I had custom made for presenting translucent earrings. If you would like to purchase some of those, please click here.

Exterior Decor: No ribbons, lace, or other exterior decorations included. I like to fancy them up with a bit of purple chiffon ribbon, but you don't really have to - they're very elegant with or without.

The default uses for the different sizes are as follows:

  • 5x5x3cm - Intended as a ring box, but also works nicely with very petite earrings or even tiny pendants.
  • 5x8x3cm - Works best with a single pendant or a small-to-medium pair of earrings. You can put a set of both in, but it looks a little cramped.
  • 7x9x3cm - Works best for medium-sized jewellery sets. I also use them for larger pendants, and medium sized brooches. I consider this to be the most versatile size, and my personal favourite. 
  • 9x9x3cm - This size is intended for bangles, but I mostly use it for large brooches that need a little space for the best presentation, or sometimes jewellery sets with larger earrings. 

Please note, the 7x7x3cm (the medium-sized square box in the picture) is not currently available as the supplier has stopped making it for the time being. It's a really awkward size, so I strongly recommend any of the others anyway. 


Larger Orders

CK Swagworks is a small home business, so we have limited space available for storing stock. Simply put, we don't have enough space to keep large quantities of boxes on hand. But, we know there are some situations where you need more than 2-3 boxes but you don't need enough to warrant a wholesale order, such as when you're boxing gifts for your bridesmaids, preparing funeral keepsakes, etcetara.  

Well, good news! We're happy to help accommodate your needs, we just can't set the website up to do it automatically because it's not quite smart enough for that. So, please just contact me to discuss your needs. I will need to check my stock levels and may need to charge you a little more in shipping, but we'll figure it out together. :)  


Wholesale Orders

CK Swagworks is a small home business, so we have limited space available for storing stock. Simply put, we don't have enough space to keep enough boxes on hand to supply wholesale orders to our fellow small business owners. 

However, if you need bulk quantities then we're more than happy to arrange for them to be dropshipped to you from our supplier. Please contact us with the size and quantity you need, and I'll work out the best price I can offer you. 

All the sizes come in batches of 24, 36, or 48 pieces, except for the 22x5x3 long bracelet/pendant box. That one had to be custom made as I couldn't find anyone selling it over the counter at the time, so a higher minimum may apply.

I only keep the black in stock because it matches my branding, but this box is available in several other colours if you're buying wholesale. The exact range of colours depends on which size you want, so let me know and I'll give you a list and some photos. 


The rates for shipping this item are:

  • CourierPost - Metro (Non-Signature) - $3.99
  • CourierPost - Metro (Signature) - $4.99
  • CourierPost - Rural (Non-Signature) - $8.49
  • CourierPost - Rural (Signature) - $9.49

Stock for this item is held in New Zealand. Please allow 1-4 days for delivery via CourierPost. 

To keep the costs down, this item DOES NOT qualify for free shipping within New Zealand - at least, not by itself.

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