Colourful Cartoon Filler Kits


Got your eye on one of our floating lockets, and want something cute to put in it?  Grab one of our filler kits to get yourself started! 

The Colourful Cartoon Filler Kits feature twelve little jars filled with different polymer clay filler items in a huge range of different colours and styles. Better yet, they'll fit ALL of our floating lockets, and they're double-sided so they'll look just as cute from each side! Grab your kit today, and get fillin'! 

Not into lockets? No worries!  These cute kits are also perfect for many different arts and crafts projects, including epoxy resin, slime, scrapbooking, and more. Your imagination is the only limit!


Product Details
Dimensions: Each charm varies a little in size, but they average about 5mm wide by 5mm tall, and are about 1mm thick. 
Quantity: I'm honestly not sure exactly how many are in these, as they come pre-filled and sealed from the manufacturer.  I would say you probably get about 2-3 grams worth of trinkets, or about 20-30 individual pieces in each jar, and you get twelve jars per set. 
Materials: Polymer Clay.
Free Gift: Your fillers come in cute little plastic jars, which not only help you keep them tidy when you're not using them, but are also reusable in the future. You can never have too many little jars! 
Please Note:

I only have one of each kit in stock at the moment, and they come pre-filled from the manufacturer. As such, I am unable to supply bulk quantities. However, if you want bulk quantities then I'd be happy to get some in! Just flick me a message and I'll put together a quote for you. 

Exact colours and designs will vary, depending on what the manufacturer has decided to make this month. If you have your heart set on a specific design, please send me a message and I'll double-check it's in the current batch of kits first. 

Warnings: These are very, very small, not recommended for use by small children due to the risk of suffocation and/or eating tiny polymer clay trinkets and pooping out rainbows. They're probably too small to seriously restrict an airway, but you never know with kids. I got a stick-on earring stuck up my nose when I was four, so... you never know what kids are going to do with tiny, fun, colourful things. Better safe than sorry, right?

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