Cheeky Geek Time Turner Dangle Earrings


The Cheeky Geek Time Turner Dangle Earrings are the perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan, plus they make a fantastic stim toy for when you feel the need to fiddle with something fun and shiny. Grab yours today!

This version of the earrings features three rings that are able to be turned independently of one another, they are not fixed in place like some versions are. They DO NOT have the text around the outside of the rings like the necklace does.  

Product Details
Metal(s):  Colour-Toned Zinc Alloy & Plastic
Stone(s): None.
Dimensions: The outer ring is 28mm around, but the nobs on the sides and the finding on the top add some extra width and height. The total width including the nobs is 37.5mm. Total height including the finding but excluding the hook is 35mm.  These earrings will hang a grand total of 53mm below your piercing.
Weight: 8.5 grams per ear.
Finding: Standard 20g French Hook.
Gift Box: Included.

This is an unofficial item inspired by the series, not official merchandise endorsed by the author in any way.

The earrings DO NOT have text around the outside of the rings, like the necklaces do. They're very small so it would be difficult to etch writing on a surface that narrow without damaging them. 

It is important to note that the hourglass part is not a functioning hourglass.  The sand flows freely back and forth between the two bulbs, but the narrow section isn't small enough to restrict the flow.  In short, you can't use it to tell time. It's cute, though!

Information: Plated Jewellery vs Colour Toned Jewellery

Plated Jewellery: 

If a piece of jewellery is referred to as plated or electro-plated, that means that it was made out of a strong base metal (like steel, copper, or zinc alloy), and then essentially dipped it in a  softer and less robust precious metal (like gold or silver) to give it a thin layer of precious metal on the outside.

Plating jewellery creates vibrant colours and protects your skin from allergies to the base metal, but the plating will eventually wear away to reveal the metal underneath. 

Colour-Toned Jewellery:

If a piece of jewellery is referred to as colour-toned, that means that the entire piece is made out of the strong metal (like steel, copper, or zinc alloy), and the metal has been dyed to resemble another metal (usually gold).

Colour-toned jewellery generally does not contain any precious metals. Colour-toning usually produces a darker starting colour than plating, but the colour is more reliable and will last for longer. 

The Cake Metaphor:

I like to use the cake metaphor to remember the difference. 

If your jewellery has been plated, it's like a cake with colourful icing on the outside and plain insides.

If you jewellery has been colour-toned, it's like a cake that has been coloured using food colouring instead of icing. 

Why Not Both?

After that cake metaphor, I bet you're asking the same question I was: But I can have coloured icing AND a pretty rainbow cake on the inside! Why can't I have the same in jewellery? 

The answer is that you can! It's quite common for manufacturers to colour tone the base metal of their plated jewellery before they plate it, because that makes it less obvious when the plating starts to wear away.  It will still fade as the precious metal wears away, but the difference is less visible.

But, most manufacturers won't tell you if they've done that, so it's kind of one of those things where you just have to hope for the best. 


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