Cheeky Crafter Bountiful Bead Kits - Evil Eye

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Blue (Iris)
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Need something to spice up your latest beading project without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Cheeky Crafter Bountiful Bead Kits! Our bead kits come with a generous serving of beads, and a cute collectable tin that's yours to keep even once all the beads are used! 

The Evil Eye design has popped up in many different forms throughout the years and in different cultures all over the world, but the meaning is always the same: They're good-luck talismans designed to ward off curses. They're also super cute and come in a ton of different colours, which makes them a great addition to any beading project! 

This kit comes with a whopping 50 or 100 beads in your choice of colours, and have free shipping within New Zealand! Grab your beads and start crafting today!


Product Details
Dimensions: 10mm round, 4.5mm thick.
Quantity: 50 piece or 100 piece packs available.
Shape: Round.
Hole: Each bead comes with a 1.5mm pre-drilled hole. 
Materials: Acrylic.
Free Gift: Your beads come in a cute metal trinket tin. Designs will be sent at random, though if you have your heart set on a particular design then please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to oblige. 
Please Note: There is some variation in the exact details of the design, e.g. the size of the pupil vs the iris. This is done deliberately, to make the beads look hand-made and prevent them from looking too same-y.  

This item qualifies for free shipping within New Zealand. Yay!

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