Waist Training 101

About Sizing

The size chart shows the approximate size of the customers who usually buy that size, based off my own experiences fitting customers. However, there is no such thing as a standard clothing size and they do vary from brand to brand. As such, I highly recommend checking your measurements.

​ If you're new to waist training: go one size down from the top size you normally wear. If there is more than one size in your range, pick one near the middle. e.g. if you are a size 12 and new to waist training, the Size L will probably be best for you. ​

If you are experienced at waist training: You probably already know your tolerance, and may want to pick the trainer at the tighter end of your size range. ​

If you've just had a baby: Pick the trainer at the looser end of your size range - and check with your doctor, too! ​

If you have a narrow waist and wide hips, or find your size naturally fluctuates throughout the month: I recommend getting two trainers in different sizes so that you can alternate them depending on your needs. ​ ​ ​

Dressing Guide

Having trouble getting into your Waist Trainer?
Don't worry, it's just a learned skill, much like putting on a bra. Here are some tips to help you get started:
Slip the Waist Trainer around your midsection like a belt, with the fasteners at the front. The tag should be at the back, directly beneath your bra strap.
It's easiest to start fastening at the top, beneath your bust, and work your way down. If you go the other way it will still work fine, but it's generally less comfortable.
If you have trouble gripping the Waist Trainer to do the fasteners up, try lying down on your back. Gravity can be very helpful!

​ ​ ​
Wearing Guide

Though it feels tough and strong, latex is a very sensitive product and has a limited lifespan. You can extend the lifespan of your Waist Trainer by doing the following:
For best results, always wear a top or singlet under your Waist Trainer, to protect it.
It's generally safe to live, work, eat, exercise, and even sleep in your Waist Trainer, but the more you wear it the faster it'll wear out.
While it is generally safe to live in your Waist Trainer, as mentioned above, it's also critical to listen to your body. If you experience any pain or discomfort from wearing your Waist Trainer, stop using it immediately. Waist Training should NEVER be painful. If you're uncertain, check with your doctor before you begin or resume Waist Training.
If you choose to wear your Waist Trainer daily, be sure to clean it regularly.
Exercising in your Waist Trainer is guaranteed to shorten its lifespan, but you can minimize the damage by making sure that you clean it immediately after your workout.
Store out of direct sunlight when not in use. ​ ​ ​ ​

Cleaning Guide

It's important to clean your Waist Trainer regularly. Human sweat damages latex, and the smell isn't very pleasant, either. Be careful, though; if you do it wrong you can destroy your Waist Trainer!
To clean your Waist Trainer, get a bowl of hot water, some gentle soap (like shampoo), and a soft towel. Don't use a sponge. Put a small amount of water and soap on your towel, and carefully rub it over your Waist Trainer. Remove the soap the same way, using a small amount of water on the towel. Gently pat the Waist Trainer with your towel to remove any excess water, then lay it out to dry.
When your Waist Trainer gets wet, either from cleaning or the rain, lay it out flat to dry for at least 2-4 hours. Latex can (and will!) rot if not dried properly, and water can discolour it. Dry out of direct sunlight. Do not wear your Waist Trainer while it's wet. Make sure the Waist Trainer does not come into contact with other fabrics while it's drying, especially leather. It can damage them, or they will damage it. ​


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these the same ones the Kardashian's wear/are sold on waisttrainer.co.nz?

Yes, they are. ​
Are they 'genuine'?

I get asked this a lot. The answer is a little complicated. Waist trainers have actually been around in various forms for hundreds of years, and it's a little hard to brand something that's literally older than underwire bras. I get them factory-direct from the same source, so yes I'd say they're genuine. There are quite a few factories who make them, but they're all basically the same except for some quality variables. ​ ​

Why are they cheaper?

They're cheaper because I charge a much smaller mark-up. That's all. ​ ​

Are they good quality?

YES! I am a corsetry enthusiast and hold a degree in fashion, so I've deliberately chosen the highest-quality waist trainers I can find. My high-quality latex waist trainers are genuine and have nine steel bones each. A lot of the cheaper ones you see around have seven or even as low as four bones, and may use plastic for their boning instead of steel. Plastic boning is weak and brittle, and less bones mean less support. Nine steel bones is the best you can get, and will provide the maximum support and structure. ​ ​

I heard it's unhealthy to waist train. Is that true?

Only if you're stupid about it. This type of waist trainer does not displace organs, nor does it give you an artificially narrow waist. They're like super-Spanx, except you don't have to take it off to pee. They support your back, improve your posture, and suck in your wobbly bits to make you look a little smoother under clothing. They do not actually alter the shape of your physiology. People frequently confuse latex waist trainers with Victorian waist training, where the goal is to force the body into the narrowest waist possible, and they're not the same thing. Thankfully! Displacing organs is bad! ​

I picked the wrong size. Can I exchange it? ​

So long as the trainer is still in as-new condition, yes you can return it for an exchange. Please note the following terms and conditions:
You are responsible for the cost of shipping in both directions. I recommend choosing a signature courier to return the original to me, for your own protection.
For hygiene reasons, I cannot accept a return on any item that has been worn against bare skin, or worn for an extended period of time. Please try your trainer on over a singlet or t-shirt. Thank you! ​ If you would like to discuss Returns & Exchanges, please CONTACT ME.