Modesty Bonnet - Mid-Length [Factory Direct]

Black (Solid)
Grey (Solid)
White (Solid)
Blue (Solid)
Blush (Solid)
Red (Solid)
Black (Print)
Blue (Print)
Brown (Print)
Cyan (Print)
Red (Print)

This fun, colourful bonnet can be used in a bunch of different ways. For Muslim ladies, it can be worn beneath your hijab to add a flash of colour to your wardrobe. For everyone else, this bonnet is an excellent way to keep your head warm in winter, particularly if you're going skiing, cycling, or riding a motorbike. With so many uses and so many colours, what's not to love?

Product Details
Size:  Adult
Fabric: High-Quality Stretch Nylon
Texture: Smooth and thick. Feels like swimsuit material to the touch, or those nice, high-quality leggings. Looks and feels very well-made and robust, not sticky at all like some nylons can be. Super stretchy. I buy a lot of artificial fabrics as I'm allergic to several natural ones, and this feels much nicer than the usual artificial fabrics.

Please note that there may be a slight variation in the exact colours shown due to the limitations of photography. 

All our modesty products are treated with anti-bacterial and anti-mold spray before leaving the factory to ensure that they remain in perfect condition during storage and transport, so you may notice an odour on them when you first open the packaging. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal! It'll wash right out.  :)

We recommend that you hand-wash and hang-dry all modesty products to get the best life out of them.