Magdalene Choker

Whether you're Goth or just love Steampunk-style jewellery, this adorable Victorian lace-and-ribbon collar is the perfect way to bring a little class to your wardrobe without costing the earth.

Chain is adjustable length, fits 30-37cm. May contain zinc-alloy. Please be careful if you're sensitive to mixed metals.


NOTE: There was a manufacturing miscommunication with this particular item. The default items have two chains on each side that are the same length, as per the second picture. On request, I am happy to manually replace the chains with multi-length chains so they match the cuff. Please allow a little extra time for delivery if you order the multi-length necklace. Thank you!

These are constructed of very soft lace and metal, so they're very delicate. Please handle with care, or they may not last very long.